Обзор fender super champ x2: все, что вам нужно знать

Fender Super Champ X2 Review – Pros/Cons

The Fender Super Champ X2 review illustrates the pros and cons of the amplifier to help readers make an informed decision.


  • Fender Super Champ X2 is highly versatile with a lot of good tones and sounds very good when recorded. In fact, it is excellent when used with FUSE software.
  • Because the amplifier has 15 watts of hybrid tube power, it means that the amplifier can actually help you learn a lot of songs in your bedroom. Because it can be used comfortably for rehearsals and even small gigs too and this is an added benefit.
  • The Super Champ X2 is incredibly versatile and has a huge range of tonal possibilities. Because the amplifier hooks up to FUSE software, it enables you to make this amp create any tone you want, regardless of genre.
  • Super Champ X2 is extremely affordable.
  • The amplifier is tiny in size and low weight. This doesn’t take up much space and it can be easily transported, whether that is to rehearsals or gigs.


  • Some guitarists have concerns regarding the vibration coming from the speaker. This is, however, not a common complaint.
  • The amplifier lacks an included footswitch.
  • There are a few users who find some of the high gain tones to be lacking the luster that other amplifiers produce.


The FUSE software means you can dig a little deeper into the preamp’s settings and tweak features such as bias and power amp sag and edit extra effects parameters. After downloading this, it installs quickly and runs smoothly on our Windows 7 PC. Moreover, the graphics of this software are smart and laid out flawlessly on the screen.

The universal ASIO driver behaves smoothly and makes every recording trouble-free. In addition, all the recorded tones are authentic, the overdrives respond well to picking dynamics and the reverbs are smooth and detailed. Champ X2 is certainly a step up from many current digital effects products. The heavier distortion tones are just decent generic rock/metal stuff and some of the classic Fender amp models are also very convincing. Super Champ X2 is aimed at the home recording guitar player who wants to step out and play the occasional small gig.

The amplifier is built to last and is good-looking too. While X2 is certainly not the greatest live digital guitar amp out there, the 6V6 power stage gives the amp an edge over many solid-state products. There aren’t that many amps that combine these features as well as the Fender’s Super Champ X2. And those that are in the market, aren’t available at a price at which X2 is available.

Fender Super Champ XD vs X2 amps – Pricing

Spending too much money on an amp you will mainly use for practicing or private jam sessions isn’t necessarily going to improve the quality of the music you’re making.

You can get Fender Super Champ XD for less than $300 which makes it more affordable than most combo amps in its class. The Fender Super Champ X2, on the other hand, is more expensive and will set you back up to a hundred dollars more than the XD model.

Paying the additional amount will get you a USB slot and a discontinued software that lets you experiment with the instrument’s sound and extends the scope of effects the amp already offers.

Everything else including the components, control panel, and the look of these two amps are almost identical. Hence, you’ll get a vintage-style Fender amp that produces a clear sound, has a variety of effects and voicing options if you choose either of these combo amps.

That’s why getting the less expensive option is a better decision, especially if you are just looking for an amp you can use to develop your guitar playing skills.

Our Recommendation

Fender Super Champ XD | Amazon

The Super Champ XD is ultimately the best option because it offers the same features as the Super Champ X2 at a significantly lower price. The only reason why you would choose Super Champ X2 would be if you want to connect it to your computer to record yourself while playing.

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The best alternatives to Fender Super Champ XD and X2

There are plenty of similarly priced amps on the market that are capable of comparable or better performances than Fender Super Champ XD and X2 amps. Here are some of the best alternatives to Fender Super Champ XD and X2 amps.



In addition, this combo amp has three 12AX7 tubes, two 2EL84 power tubes as well as external and extension loudspeaker jacks. VOX AC15C1X offers a broad range of effects that enable you to experiment with your guitar’s sound.

However, this amp is both larger and heavier than Fender Super Champ XD and X2 amps, which makes it difficult to carry it with you to a gig or jam session. VOX AC15C1X is also significantly more expensive than Fender’s XD or X2 amps.

Vox AC15C1X 15W Tube Guitar Combo Amp | Guitar Center

This powerful channel pairing provides an abundance of tone-crafting control, letting you dial in a classic sound that is all your own.

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Its vintage look makes Bugera V5 INFINIUM a great replacement for Fender Super Champ XD or X2. You can switch between 5W, 1W, and 0.1W options and control how much power the amp is using.

Its 8-inch and 4Ω Turbosound speaker produces a unique and recognizable sound. Bugera V5 INFINIUM has just one 12AX7 preamp tube and one EL84 power tube. Moreover, the amp has just one channel and it has Gain, Tone, Volume, and Reverb controls. It also features a headphone output which makes it perfectly suited for practice purposes.

This Bugera’s amp is less expensive than the Fender Super Champ XD and X2, although it has fewer controls and a less powerful speaker. Novice electric guitar players can benefit from getting the Bugera V5 INFINIUM amp because it is perfectly suited for a variety of music genres.

Bugera V5 Infinium 5W 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp | Reverb

The timeless design and sound of the all-tube amp has made its indelible mark on countless beloved tracks spanning the history of the electric guitar. 

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We may receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We only recommend products that we believe in and test.

Orange DA15H Dark Terror

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page is just one among countless artists who use Orange’s amps. That’s why it is hardly a surprise that Orange DA15H Dark Terror is one of the best amps on the market. This is a one-channel amp with adjustable power output so that you can choose between 15W and 7W options.

Moreover, you can get a model of this amp with 8-ohm, 16-ohm, or two 16-ohm speakers. Orange DA15H Dark Terror is equipped with 2 EL84 power amps, 3 ECC83 or 12AX7 preamp, and one ECC81 or 12AT7 FX Loop.

This Orange’s amp is lighter than the Fender Super Champ XD or X2 amps as it weighs just 12.56lbs. However, it is more expensive than the XD and X2 which only makes it a great option for professional musicians.

Orange Amplifiers DA15H Dark Terror 15 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head | Guitar Center

This Frankenstein-like amp has creepy amounts of gain on tap with disturbingly pleasurable responsiveness.

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We may receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We only recommend products that we believe in and test.


15 watts of rich, dual-channel tube amp sound is combined with modern extras such as versatile amp voicing and a wide selection of digital effects in this amplifier. This combination makes the operating of the amplifier simple. The amplifier is overall, flexible, and also offers easy computer connectivity because of which one can also customize the amp’s voicing and effects according to the taste.

Because the amplifier can create unlimited tones, the guitarist’s rehearsal and recording sessions are bound to come alive with the Super Champ X2. This amplifier is made in Ensenada, Mexico. There’s a handy tap button in the Super Champ X2 that enables one to manually select the delay time. In case if you have delay selected or the modulation rate for chorus and rotary speaker effects, the amp has got you completely covered. X2’s rear panel is relatively sparse and features a single speaker outlet. There is a line out for its connection to recording or PA equipment. In addition, there is a jack for the optional two-button footswitch, which selects channels and bypasses the effects.

The most significant rear panel feature of X2 is the USB socket. A direct connection to your PC/Mac and interfacing with Fender’s FUSE software, X2’s unique feature makes it the best that is offered in the name of amplifiers. Using this program one can change preamp voices and effects defaults. One can also if he/she wishes to, get into deep editing of certain effects and amp parameters and stream audio from the X2 into your computer/DAW. You will get a free entry into the Fender community, once the amp is registered. Free entry means, lots of access to backing tracks and amp setting information. Overall, the Super Champ X2 looks like any Fender amp should i.e. smart, solid, dependable, and easy to use.

Фендер, Маршалл или Пиви?

Итак, какой бренд гитарных усилителей является лучшим из лучших?

Это Маршалл для своего классического британского овердрайва?

Это Fender из-за его гладких чистых звуков и плавного перегрузки?

Это Пиви за этот палящий американский звук с высоким усилением?

Без сомнения, сейчас кто-то кричит Мезу, Вокса или Оранж на их экране. Это тоже хорошо. Это отличные бренды, и их гораздо больше, но для меня Fender, Marshall и Peavey составляют большую тройку компаний по производству гитарных усилителей.

Я думаю, что вопрос о том, какой из них лучше, зависит от того, в каком жанре вы находитесь, и что вам нужно делать с вашим усилителем. Независимо от того, выбираете ли вы гитарный усилитель в качестве новичка или опытного профессионала, у всех трех есть свои сильные стороны и легендарные тона, которые хорошо послужили гитаристам на протяжении десятилетий.

Лучший бюджет: Yamaha THR10II

Что нам нравится

  • Ультра-портативный

  • Интуитивное управление

  • Уникальный дизайн

Что нам не нравится

  • Немного тихо

  • Не хватает баса и пунша

  • Ограниченный контроль эффектов

Если вы квартирный гитарист, вы слишком хорошо знаете ограничения, которые присутствуют как в физическом пространстве, так и у чувствительных к шуму соседей. Когда Yahama выпустила серию настольных гитарных усилителей THR, они думали именно об этом. Эти маленькие прямоугольные усилители идеально подходят для письменного стола или тумбочки в гостиной.

Mark II приносит обновленный дизайн и лучшее качество компонентов. Внутри усилителя находятся два 3,1-дюймовых динамика мощностью 10 Вт, которые обеспечивают приятный, округлый звук, хотя в нем недостаточно басов и звука. Но это отчасти так, потому что этот усилитель предназначен для небольшого тренировочного усилителя, который идеально подходит для хэширования идей или исполнения быстрых риффов на лету. Что действительно круто, так это то, сколько выпекается в наборе функций.

Есть несколько встроенных моделей усилителей, которые дают вам доступ к чистым, хрустящим или полностью кричащим звукам искажения. Кроме того, есть эффекты модуляции, такие как хорус и фазовая модуляция, а также реверберация и задержка. А благодаря наличию дополнительных входов, возможностей Bluetooth и даже беспроводных функций с питанием от аккумулятора (если вы выберете модель W), этот маленький усилитель напоминает швейцарский армейский нож для практических усилителей.


Generally, amps that have a digital front end, lack the valve output and vice versa. Champ X2, theoretically provide the best of both worlds. It combines excellent versatility and programmability with power and a wide dynamic range.

  • Channel number one has sparkle associated with the Fender ‘Blackface’ amps from the early-to-mid-’60s, with a sweet treble. It has a smooth bass response and a tight, restrained mid-range that makes up for a perfect rhythm part.
  • Channel two features 16 different clean and overdriven voicings that approximate most of the favorites from Fender’s back catalog including a few obligatory extras. All of these prove to be surprisingly sweet and very responsive. Favorites here include the dirty/compressed tweed Deluxe and ’65 Deluxe voicings. It also has some of the heavier rock and metal tones that tend to be towards fizz, but remain highly usable.

More About Sound

The effects make or break great sounds on digital amps, and the 16 effects loaded in the Super Champ X2 are excellent! They provide great basic sounds with no danger of getting bogged down in endless parameters.

The Vibratone rotary speaker simulation and the reverb/delay combination is a joy. All you need to do is, simply select your effect and then tweak it to taste with the FX adjust knob – there is no ‘store’ function because there are no presets and no MIDI control. The Super Champ X2 does remember your last settings at power off. There’s more than enough power in the amplifier for small unamplified gigs, credit for which goes to the pair of 6V6s. And not to forget the nicely tuned 1 x 12 enclosure.

For swapping channels and bypassing the effects you’ll need to buy a two-button footswitch that Fender hasn’t included in the package. X2’s specialty is recording.

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Усилители для средних гитаристов

Как гитаристу среднего уровня, вам нужно что-то лучше, чем усилитель для начинающих, но вам, вероятно, пока не нужен дорогой и мощный ламповый усилитель. Вам нужен усилитель, который подходит для домашнего использования, а также усилитель, с которым вы можете выступать или играть в группе, если вы окажетесь в такой ситуации. Вы, вероятно, тоже не хотите тратить много денег.

Вы можете использовать один из усилителей среднего уровня выше. Маршалл Код 100, Fender Mustang GT 100 и Peavey Vypyr VIP 3 — все это отвечает всем требованиям, и каждый может иметься менее чем за 400 долларов на момент написания этой статьи.

Тем не менее, я думаю, вам лучше найти мощную твердотельную комбинацию, и у Fender, Peavey и Marshall есть усилители, которые соответствуют этому описанию.

Marshall MG101GFX

Мы собираемся снова взглянуть на серию MG, на этот раз один из больших парней. MG101GFX рассчитан на 100 Вт подлости Маршалла и имеет 4 переключаемых канала и некоторые очень полезные встроенные эффекты. Это работает как усилитель практики спальни или в урегулировании группы.

Fender Champion 100

Это версия «Чемпион 20», которую я рекомендовал новичкам. Он достаточно мощный для использования в группе, имеет несколько голосов усилителей и встроенных эффектов. Это очень доступная комбинация 2×12, идеально подходящая для кантри, блюзовых и рок-игроков, которые хотят безупречного усилителя для концертов или домашнего использования.

Main Differences Between Fender Superchamp XD vs X2

These two amps carry features that are virtually identical to each other, making them difficult to choose between, so here are some of the main differences between the two.

  • Fender Superchamp X2 has Fender’s fuse software with an available USB port, while XD does not include a built in software.
  • Fender Superchamp X2 has better amp voicing due to its fuse software.
  • Fender Superchamp X2 has a tap tempo button for the production of a delay effect.
  • Fender Superchamp XD has eternal speaker capability, while X2 lacks this feature.
  • Fender Superchamp XD has 16 preamp voices, while X2 has one less.
  • Fender Superchamp X2 has a USB output for much better digital connectivity, while XD does not have a USB output at all.
  • Fender Superchamp XD is four years older than X2, having been released in 2008.
  • Fender Superchamp XD is $100 cheaper than X2
  • Fender Superchamp X2 has a 2 band EQ. while XD lacks this feature.

Overview: Fender Super Champ X2

Fender Super Champ X2 is a hybrid amp, with preamp and power amp tubes, but the preamp is more solid state rectifier than the tube is.

The physical appearance of this tube amp isn’t anything super spectacular, as it has the same physical appearance that a lot of other modern Fender amps have. It has those retro Fender special design accents, while still being quite practical.

But take a look on the inside, and you will find that most of the electronics are PCB-based and that the amp is powered by a pair of 6V6 output values and a single 12AX7 driver.

The Fender Super Champ X2 has a digital front end with two channels; a drive channel that hosts gain and volumes knobs, as well as a voice knobs that gives you the option to choose between 16 different voice settings (for optimal voicing), such as American, Metal, vintage tone, Tweed, British, and modern. The clean channel will give you that comprehensive ‘Blackface’ tone and hosts one volume control.

In addition to the bass and treble controls, there is also an additional knob called ‘FX’ that allows you to choose between fifteen effects, with the FX adjust knob to adjust the main parameter, which is typically the effect level. In addition, there is also a tap button that allows you to manually choose the delay time if you happen to have the delay selected or adjust the modulation rate for both rotary and chorus speaker effects.

As for the rear panel of the Super Champ X2, there is a single speaker outlet that has a line out that you connect to PA or recording equipment, as well as a jack for an optional footswitch.

The most important part of the rear panel is the USB port, which allows you to hook up your PC or your Mac to connect with Fender’s FUSE software.

In my personal opinion, the USB is a must-have for you to be able to get the best out of this amp that it has to offer. With the USB and the use of the FUSE software, you can store an unlimited number of different patches and sounds and tonality, while also having the ability to save sixteen of them directly onto the amplifier.

Software Features

The Fender Fuse software allows you to configure the modelling stage of the Super Champ X2 via computer.

Fender’s Fuse software, a free Mac- and PC-compatible download, is a combined editor, librarian and practice partner. Besides giving to access a varied library of free backing tracks to jam along with, the main draw is that Fuse lets you tweak parameters that are not available on the front panel of the amp. You can also save amp and effects presets on your computer and actually edit the settings stored within the amp and recalled by the voicing and effects rotary selectors.

In the case of the amp models, firing up the Fuse software gives access to a mid-range tone control at the very least, and in some cases a presence control and bright switch too. These are extremely helpful — almost essential, in fact — if you want to optimise a particular model (and the bright-sounding cabinet) for the particular guitar you’re using. A further page of advanced amp parameters lets you adjust the model’s sag and tube bias settings. These controls have a subtle but noticeable effect on the compression and overdrive characteristics. You’ll also find controls to set a noise gate here, along with a USB gain control (we’ll come to the USB audio features shortly) and a drop-down menu to select a cabinet model to use. There are cabinets here that correspond with each model, but you’re free to pair them how you please. As with the amp models, comparing the Super Champ’s impersonation of, say, a small tweed Deluxe combo and a big 4×12 cab can make these models seem a little over-the-top and caricatured, but the variety is both welcome and genuinely useful in further expanding the amp’s repertoire.

On the effects side, the extra possibilities accessible via Fuse are perhaps even greater. Multiple variations on the initial set of reverb, delay and modulation effects are now available, plus previously concealed compression and distortion models, with an array of tweakable parameters that goes way beyond the capabilities of the average stomp box. These are nicely designed and lots of fun, the only let-down being the absence of a decent studio-style reverb with a long, smooth decay. There are some limits to what you can place where — there’s nothing like the freedom or flexibility found in the more comprehensive amp-modelling software packages currently available — but there’s still a great array of sounds on offer and scope for up to four effects placed in front of the amp model and a further three in the effects loop.

Once you’ve put together your desired amp, cab and effects chain, the whole set (including your chosen backing track, if you wish) can be saved within Fuse and shared with other users online. When it comes to saving sounds to the amp for use later on, it’s a question of saving the amp settings and effects combinations separately to one of the slots on the voicing and effects knobs respectively. Recalling the whole patch from the amp once it’s disconnected, therefore, involves setting both knobs to the appropriate position, but it also means that the amps and effects you’ve carefully tweaked can be freely recombined.

Лучшая труба: Vox с ручной проводкой AC30HW2

Предоставлено Гитарный Центр

Что нам нравится

  • Ручное качество

  • Тонны объема

  • Стерео колонки

Что нам не нравится

  • Тяжелый и громоздкий

  • Премиальный ценник

  • Ограниченный бортовой эквалайзер

Помимо Fender и, возможно, Marshall, на самом деле нет ни одного бренда, который бы так уважал технологию ламповых усилителей, как Vox, и AC30 — это то, что вам нужно, как для истории, так и для звука. Интересный факт: AC30 — это усилитель, который Битлз использовали, когда они впервые отправились на гастроли по арене, и поняли, что технология усилителей того дня была недостаточно громкой, чтобы удовлетворить потребность в их музыке. Но когда они попробовали, это был AC30, которому они доверяли, и это имеет смысл, потому что эта вещь абсолютно подавляет в обстановке рок-клуба.

Три предусилителя ECC83 находятся в предварительном усилителе и четыре EL84 в секции усилителя мощности, что дает вам невероятно мощный запас мощности в отношении мощности. И эти 30 Вт пройдут долгий путь, потому что он прокачивает его через два 12-дюймовых динамика Celestion G12M. Vox даже оборудовал соответствующие рубиновые трубки, чтобы вы могли в полной мере использовать весь динамический диапазон. Он также имеет стандартную двухканальную настройку Top Boost и Normal Vox, так что вы можете прокачать действительно высокие частоты через микс. И все это в ящичке из березы в кремовом ретро-покрытии для естественного высокочастотного затухания и довольно приятного вида.

What I Don’t Like

I really can’t say that there’s much I don’t like about the amp. Perhaps more flexibility with the effects so I could use more than one, but that’s about it.

And maybe in another day and time, it would not be loud enough, but this is as loud as I want to play these days. I could always mic it if I had to and I even bought a louder amp (The Deluxe VM) just to use to make the Super Champ louder (just go right into the effects loop).

Here’s a video Fender did to hype the amp. These are more metal players than blue players but it does show the flexibility of the amp. By the way they have a head version that just came out and that’s what’s in this video.

Here’s where to check it out on Sam Ash…

Лучшая акустика: Fishman Mahogany Loudbox 120

Предоставлено Гитарный Центр

Что нам нравится

  • Стильный деревянный дизайн

  • Достаточно громко для небольших концертов

  • Удобная конструкция наклона назад

Что нам не нравится

  • Немного тяжелый

  • Не входит чехол

  • Ограниченные бортовые эффекты

У Fishman есть индустрия акустического усиления, как с акустическими усилителями, так и с самими акустическими гитарными звукоснимателями. Компания постоянно выпускает отличные итерации в своих сериях Loudbox, но если вы ищете первоклассное акустическое усиление премиум-класса, усилитель Loudbox 120-ваттный Mahogany Limited Edition примерно настолько профессионален, насколько вы можете это себе представить. , 120 не расширяет усилители меньшего размера на входах (их все еще только два), но он расширяет мощность и управляемость, а также универсальность.

Каждый из двух каналов позволяет подключить гитару / клавиатуру или вокальный микрофон, что означает, что это отличная установка для певца / автора песен. Он предлагает 120 Вт, проталкиваемый через восьмидюймовый динамик, и удивительный одиночный твитер с мягким куполом, который дает вам много блеска и позволяет сиять всему спектру. Каждый канал имеет отдельные эквалайзеры и элементы управления обратной связью, в то время как есть отдельный механизм эффектов, чтобы добавить немного цвета в ваш звук с реверберацией, хорусом, фленджером и задержкой. Все это объединено в сбалансированный выход, чтобы отправить его на более крупную сцену (что также делает этот монитор немного выделенным). В целом, он настолько же полнофункциональный, насколько вы можете ожидать от акустического усилителя.

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