Fender cd-60sce acoustic guitar review

Acoustic-Electric Guitar With a Solid Spruce Top

This Fender Classic Design is made of solid spruce which does not only look amazing but gives off the excellent acoustic-electric guitar sounds thanks to its strong construction. It comes with the large dreadnought size for comfortable play and ample projection, which is recommended for folk music

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What I like about the Fender CD-60SCE is that it offers a body cutaway, making it easy to access the upper register. Not only that but it also comes with a Fishman pickup, preamp, and a tuner for performances.

May you be a beginner or intermediate player studying music, you will enjoy its excellent and solid body built to last for the long run. It looks just as great as it plays, ideal for simple jamming sessions or when onstage.

Downside & set-up

Honestly, there’s not much to complain about the Fender CD60CE acoustic-electric guitar. The quality of this guitar is exactly what you’d get for its price out of Fender. 

However, there’s a couple of issues we need to address. For example, the glued-in strap pegs that ship out may come out, which damages the guitar. You need to keep an eye on these components in order to prevent further damages.

Additionally, I recommend shipping this guitar with a proper warranty in order to restore any damages caused by shipping. A proper inspection is also due.

Likewise, the tuning pegs are not up to any task beyond your practice room. If you’d like to grow with this guitar, you’d need to change the tuners in order to take it to better scenarios. 

I’d recommend the YMC TP20 top-value tuning pegs:


Other than that, there’s nothing else you’d need to do with this guitar. You could already take it towards moderate stages and pair it with a couple of acoustic pedals.


The Fender family of acoustic-electric guitars has quite a reputation. If you decide this guitar is worth your money, then you’d definitely need to see a couple of beginner bundles selling for similar prices.

For example, the Fender CDS60CE is a lighter, slightly smaller version selling for a smaller price. It’s a great choice for children and small players:

Fender CDS60CE Starter Pack

You could also check the black CD60CE, different finish options that may suit your rocker’s taste.

Fender CDS60CE Starter Pack

A similar model is the Fender T-Bucket 300CE. This is also an acoustic-electric guitar featuring the same scalloped X bracing design and the same Fishman pickup system. Plus, it has the same quality nut (Graph Tech NuBone nut).

Fender T-Bucket 300 CE

If you’re willing to check other models outside of Fender, I’d advise you to check the Yamaha FGX800. We already reviewed the Yamaha FG800 acoustic version, a guitar we consider as one of the best affordable acoustic guitars in the market. Like so, the FGX800 sports a built and sound quality well above its price range.

Yamaha FGX800

Lastly, if you’re willing to stretch your budget a bit more, the Yamaha NTX700 is a mid-level acoustic-electric guitar that feels and sounds like a professional instrument thanks to its super-advanced pickup system.

Let me explain. Its “A.R.T.” pickup system is able to control the atmospheric influence over the tonewoods of the guitar in order to create the sound possible. Sounds good? Check our Yamaha NTX700 review.

Yamaha NTX700

Finally, here’s a video comparing the Fender CD60CE against the Yamaha FGX800:

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/I7WhGvwnqIg” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Comes With Everything You Need

Another excellent aspect about this particular Fender CD-60SCE listing is that it comes with a complete package that enables you to begin playing immediately. You have the digital chromatic clip-on tuner, a hardshell case, as well as guitar picks and strings, a string winder, polishing cloth, guitar strap, and an instructional DVD.

Photos provided by FMIC


  • Excellent value for impressive specs
  • Comes with a fish man pickup system and scalloped X bracing for ease of playing and fantastic tone
  • Multiple finishes and solid body for strength and durability to last
  • Comes in a complete package to use immediately
  • Beginners and intermediate players will appreciate its case of usability
  • Stand and strap is poorly made
  • Has glued-in strap pegs

Built quality

The Fender CD-60CE is suited for beginner and intermediate players looking for a versatile, acoustic-electric guitar that squeezes as much quality as it can from its budget.

That said, this is a dreadnought cutaway style body that provides easy access to the lower side of the fretboard.

Body & Design

The Fender CD60CE has a standard dreadnought body with a single-cutaway on its shape. It’s a simple design, for sure, but it’s effective.

Tonewoods of this model include laminated mahogany all around the body (front, back, and sides). A laminated guitar at this price range is not something to be proud of, to be honest. Solid-wood guitars feature better resonance and better durability than guitars made with laminated pieces of wood.

There’s a reason for this, which is of course saving some money to invest instead in quality electronics. 

A good thing about the CD60CE is its scalloped X-bracing design. By “X-bracing” I mean the solid chunks of wood traveling below the soundhole. Their job is keeping the sound clean and balanced.

A scalloped X-bracing is a mid-level and beyond feature that enhances the sound quality, which is a big plus.

So, other than the laminated pieces, the overall body is well crafted, and well put together. 

A scalloped x-bracing design minimizes the shortcomings in terms of sound created by laminated pieces of wood. Such features enhance sound projection and resonance.

Neck & fingerboard 

In a similar fashion, the neck is also made of mahogany, and it houses a pretty smooth and sharp-free rosewood fretboard. Moreover, the neck sports Fender’s classic C-shaped profile.

There’s a great addition on the neck, which is a compensated bone saddle at the bridge for better intonation. Plus, there’s a Graph Tech NuBone nut at the beginning of the fretboard. These two features are a great reason to buy this guitar. We’re discussing that in more detail in the hardware section.


Take a quick look at this guitar and you’ll realize the Fender CD60CE is neither shiny nor unique. 

However, it does have a classical glossy finish that makes it look like an expensive guitar both on the body and the neck.

Lastly, there’re three color options, which are sunburst, natural brown of the mahogany body, or a tainted-black CD60CE acoustic-electric guitar. There’s also a sunburst version

Mahogany is the most popular and overused solid wood on both electric and acoustic guitars. It’s durable, economic, and easy to work with. It also delivers a warm and resonant sound. Here’s more info about tonewoods.

In summary

Why do I like the Fender CD06CE? 

What do I like about the Fender CD60CE? Well, first and foremost, this is a Fender instrument that doesn’t break the bank.  

More so, it fits the skill level of beginner and intermediate players alike. Even pr players could have a decent time with this all-rounder guitar.

For beginners, though, this affordable acoustic-electric is a perfect choice. It’s appealing,  easy to play, and clear, and loud enough to get you excited.

The CD60CE electro-acoustic guitar is a worldwide Fender bestseller.

Another thing I should note is its warm and rich sound, which is quite a feat given the laminated body. That’s because Fender invested resources into practical details.

Now, apart from the pickup system, another element that takes the Fender CD60CE above its piers is its scalloped bracing. It’s a feature that increases sound projection, resonance, and sustains, which makes this guitar so much better for acoustic pedals and acoustic amps.

Oftentimes, this is a design choice you’d find on higher-end acoustic guitars.

Fender CDS60CE Starter Pack

Going for the high-value bundles is a popular choice. They carry everything you’d need t start playing right off the bat but the acoustic guitar amp.

That said the target of this budget acoustic-electric guitar is novice players, although the size might be too much for children. 

Also, if you don’t want to spend your month’s rent on a hobby, you might want to check the Fender CD60CE out. It will make you happy.

Final Thought

If you’re looking for an acoustic-electric guitar at this price range, the Fender CD60CE is definitely a good choice. Only the Yamaga FGX800 can compete against this top-value guitar with its solid body construction.

Any other guitar within the affordable range has a tough time sounding better and feeling better than this one. When you hold it and play it, you’ll understand why this is a Fender and not a Squier.

Last words? This is a great deal. The easy performance and rich sound you get for the money is too good to pass out if you’re looking for something at this price range.

Fender CD60CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

The Fender CD60CE is the electroacoustic version of their CD60 pure acoustic guitar.

Whilst Squier dabbles in the affordable range to great results, Fender created the CD60 series as the best of both worlds: cheap dreadnought guitars that pack the Fender logo on the headstock.

This guitar is as simple as it gets. It doesn’t shine, and it doesn’t pack any surprises for its price. Still, this is a well-made entry-level guitar that fits the beginner bracket just perfectly. 

Overall, the Fender CD60CE is a no thrills electroacoustic guitar that serves as a solid foundation for anyone who wants to learn how to play guitar. Unsurprisingly, this model is amongst the most popular and top value beginner acoustic guitars you can buy right now.

So, because Fender isn’t the typical brand selling cheap models but high-end alternatives, the Fender CD60CE is a very special number. It’s a sturdy, affordable acoustic-electric string made for the ones who are just starting out their journeys.


Fender CD60CE


The CD60CE acoustic-electric guitar does have some classic Fender touches, though. For example, the Scalloped X Bracing design plus the Fishman Isys III Pickup System are both impressive. Such a combo produces a nice sound, and whilst is obviously not the best Fender has on its shelves, it’s okay, even outstanding for the price range. 

If you compare the sound of the Fender CD60CE against its similarly priced competitors, the sound packs a lot of punch. Plus, the tone is balanced and clear, which helps amateur guitar players sound better.

However, there’re some cut-backs on other places, most notably on the built quality and its laminated woods.  

Fender CD60CE Bundle

I just listed a bundle that includes:

  • The Fender CD60CE acoustic-electric guitar
  • A guitar hard-case
  • A strap
  • Guitar picks
  • Guitar cable
  • A digital clip-on tuner
  • A polishing cloth
  • Guitar strings
  • String winder
  • Instructional DVD with Fender guitar lessons.

Keep in mind the price of an entry-level electroacoustic guitar is higher than entry-level acoustic guitars. If you’re looking for other options, please check this top 10 budget electro acoustic guitars list. 

Also, you may want to take a look at our selection of the top 10 acoustic guitar amps if you’re looking to amplify the CD60CE.

Acoustic-electric guitars include an onboard preamp plus a cavity for a 9V battery, usually located near the neck joint, on the sides, as the image above.

Smooth Sounds and Tone Quality

Not only is the guitar comfortable and easy to play with but it also has the impressive sounds for an entry to mid-level instrument. Because of its classic tonewoods and ideal size, it has a huge and full-bodied sound with the ample projection one needs for coeval accompaniment. They are also ideal for solo work or unplugged applications, best for acoustic music.

While one can agree that this Classic Design isn’t the absolute best that Fender offers, it comes with an onboard active preamp and a built-in tuner, making it right for its price range.

Photos provided by FMIC

Comparing to to the competition of the similar price, it’s quite impressive and delivers better than what one expects.

About the Fender CD-60SCE

The Fender acoustic guitar bundle comes with the guitar, gig bag, clip-on tuner, strap, extra strings, instructional DVD, and polishing cloth. Fender tries to provide you with everything you need to start playing right away whether you’re a total beginner or intermediate player.

When Fender makes a guitar, you can expect it to be of good quality. Fender is legendary in the guitar-building world. Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Eddie Van Halen are a few of the famous guitarist that trusted Fender’s quality.

While this acoustic guitar is not one played by those rock stars, the CD-60SCE comes with several key features.

Single Cutaway Body Style 

The dreadnought cutaway shape near where the neck connects to the body allows the guitarist to finger on the fretboard higher in pitch. This is common for lead playing (solo playing), but not as necessary for rhythm guitar (strumming chords in the background).

This feature—while useful—is not needed for beginner guitarists, but you can grow into it as your skill increases.

Fishman Low Profile Pickup and Preamp 

The Fishman electronics system gives you the potential to plug your acoustic into an amp for a bigger sound. The small size of the pickup and controls don’t detract from the natural acoustic look of the guitar.

Solid Spruce Top

Spruce is the most common wood used in guitar tops. It lasts a long time, has a bright, clear sound, and sounds well with chords and solo playing. This is the king of versatile wood.

Easy-to-Play Neck with Rolled Fingerboard

The neck width is largely a matter of preference. Too wide and your hand gets tired but too close and your fingers block each other while playing chords.

The rolled fingerboard is nice. Many beginning guitarists have issues with their fingering hand; Fender tries to help this by getting the edges of the fingerboard out of the way to remove some discomfort.

Comfortable and Amazing Playability

One of the top features I appreciate about the CD-60SCE is that it comes with a neck with a new design. That way, it makes it easier to play, which is better for beginners and less of a hassled for intermediate players. There are fewer mistakes made while you play so you’ll sound decent (or even better).

Photos provided by FMIC

You’ll also enjoy the easy strumming of the guitar, which has light strings. Furthermore, the smooth rosewood fingerboard and rolled edges lessen the buzz and make your tunes sound effortless. And because the body is lightweight and comes with a strap, you can enjoy playing it for long hours without discomfort, may you be sitting or standing.

Sound quality

Here’s where we find true Fender quality. For such an affordable price, I must say the sound of the Fender CD60CE is definitely impressive. That’s something you would realize as soon as you try it yourself.

Let’s break it down and start with the electronics…


Budget electric guitars tend to lack on the electronics section. Oftentimes, the sound is imbalanced, as it only sounds good either on clean or through its built-in preamp, but never on both.

The Fender CD60CE features top-notch electrics and circuitry. We’re looking at the Fishman Isys III pickup system, and Fishman is one of the best guitar pickup manufacturers.

As a result, the sound of this guitar is similar either unplugged or amplified.

Are you in a rush to find the best electric guitar single-coils? Check here!

Piezoelectric_crystal_transducer by JstapkoCC BY 2.0Acoustic-electric guitars use piezo-electric pickups, which catches the changes in the air pressure around the guitar’s soundhole.

The Isys III is a budget Fishman pickup that fits this guitar perfectly. It comes with a 3-band EQ on the preamp, plus the standard volume knob. 

That gives you a decent amount of maneuver. Intermediate and advanced guitar players could even find a way to make a real difference in their tones with this no-nonsense setup.

So, whereas the Isys III is far from spectacular, it does deliver great tonal qualities once you amplify the Fender CD60CE.


The sound this guitar brings forwards through an acoustic amp is beyond what your typical laminated dreadnought can give. It doesn’t lack in any way, it doesn’t sound cheap, and it doesn’t sound muddy.

It packs quite a punch with a warm, clear, and loud sound. The overall tone is nice and balanced. It’s also very focused as it stays steady throughout the whole frequency range.

Overall, the sound is rich, warm, balanced, and decently loud. Those characteristics are there either unplugged or through the amp.

<iframe width=”900″ height=”506″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/DNnTYioq4Sg” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Вестерн-гитара Cort AD880 Natural Satin

Фото: https://market.yandex.ru

Во время производства этой гитары акцент был сделан на качестве звука. Он действительно оказался одним из лучших в нашем рейтинге, и модель оказалась недорогой. Главной особенностью Cort AD880 является специальная система подключения деки, которая делает звук глубже и насыщеннее. Обычно гитары с этой функцией стоят дороже. Также в отзывах хвалят окантовку из акрила и слоновой кости. Инструмент выглядит сдержанно, но стильно. Настройка Cort AD880 довольно проста даже для начинающих. Литые никелированные колки служат долго и при ежедневных тренировках.

Вестерн-гитара Cort AD880 Natural Satin


  • корпус drednought
  • размер 4/4
  • вклеенный гриф
  • правосторонняя
  • 20 ладов
  • закрытые колки
  • материал корпуса: красное дерево, ель
  • гриф: красное дерево
  • отделка матовая

Playing the Fender CD-60SCE Experience

Fender has built in all of these features, but do they pull it off? We checked it out and talked to others who’ve used it too. Here is what we found:

  • The sound from the Spruce top is top-notch. Whether you’re strumming, fingerpicking, or playing lead, the guitar has a bright, clean sound.
  • The dreadnought shape allows you to play close up the fingerboard without running into the body. Sometimes a dreadnought shape sacrifices some resonance in the sound but not in this case.
  • The mahogany sides look nice but don’t do anything to add to the bass sounds like a richer wood could.
  • The action of strings (how high off the fingerboard the strings are) is good enough. If you’re a beginner, you may wish the action was a bit lower, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you stick with it.
  • The rolled fingerboard and neck width are actually a favorite feature of this acoustic. It’s very comfortable to hold.
  • The Fishman low profile pickup/preamp system is nothing to jump up and down over. The pickup sounds fine when plugged in, but the preamp system has limited options for anyone looking to fine tune their sound.

Is the Fender Mahogany Acoustic Guitar comfortable to play?

The Fender Mahogany Acoustic Guitar features a unique “easy to play” neck. Combined with low action and rolled fingerboards, the playability score of this guitar just went through the roof. Essentially, the neck holds absolutely comfortably, so you won’t tire yourself quickly. And if you ask me, that’s a significant advantage for beginners. 

Here’s more:

The guitar highlights Chrome Die-cast tuning machines that keep your instrument in tune. And with the included tuner, tuning the guitar will be the least of your worries. 

To sum up, the Fender CD-60s is a totally convenient guitar for beginners!

But wait, let me tell you something:

This instrument has a dreadnought size, so I don’t recommend it for kids. For a more proportional guitar, you should read the Best Acoustic Guitar for Kids instead. I listed kid-friendly-sized guitars with beautiful designs they’re going to love.

Related Products: Fender FA-100, Fender FA-125 & FA-125CE, Fender Malibu, Fender Redondo

Feel Quality

This is a guitar that feels great as soon as you pick it up. This is the part where the Fender CD06CE electroacoustic guitar stands out from the crowd in its price range.

Let’s see…


The hardware is what you’d expect in this price range, although it packs a couple of extras.

First off, we’ve got a rosewood bridge with a compensated saddle. It does a decent job keeping the strings tight and the intonation steady. Plus, a compensated saddle is a high-quality addition that keeps the string’s tension in check. 

On the other side of the guitar, there’s a set of die-cast tuning machines that are good enough for your practice sessions but nothing more.  That said, you can’t push this guitar too much outside of its comfort zone with this kind of pegs, not even a down-tune.

Now, a good thing about the included hardware is its Graph Tech NuBone nut, which is a quality material usually found on pricy models. This nut delivers crystal clear cleans, enhanced harmonics, and overall increased string longevity. 

I have to add the CD60CE ships with Fender phosphor bronze nickel strings, which are great to start playing right away.

The guitar’s nut is at the end of the fingerboard. It controls the space between the strings as well as the fingerboard’s length. Like so, it sets the height of the strings above the first fret.


The playability of the Fender CD06CE acoustic-electric guitar is pretty straightforward. 

It’s mostly aimed for beginners, although advanced players could also love this model because of how smooth and easy it feels.

First off, it has a 12” neck radius. That’s a flat radius that makes it easy to play chords and solos likewise, which makes it ideal for all-hands guitar players.

Moreover, a 12” neck radius is common on Gibson and Epiphone guitars, which means you could transition from these kinds of electric guitars towards the CD60CE and feel very comfortable.

Another great thing about it is its single-cutaway design, which gives you increased access to the higher frets. That means you would be able to play around the entire fretboard with ease.

And, lastly, this guitar is pretty light. Plus, the rosewood fret feels quite smooth and easy on your hands.

The neck’s radius is the curvature’s length. Classical guitars commonly feature a flatter radius (12’’ and beyond) because playing chords and arpeggios is easier.

How does the Fender CD-60s sound?

I mentioned this a couple of times, but it won’t hurt repeating. For a cheap guitar, its quality is certainly not “cheap.”

Take a listen to this:

Thanks to the solid top, it delivers robust volume and phenomenal dynamic range. Likewise, with its quartersawn bracing, the top vibrates more for better projection and resonance.

Overall, the sound quality manifests well-balanced, vibrant tones perfect for any playing style. Additionally, the sustains and overtones are simply something to admire. To phrase it differently, it’s whole worlds apart from tacky guitars in this price range.

Here’s the thing:

The difference between the Spruce and All-Mahogany build is subtle. Luckily for beginners, it’s not really a big deal. Therefore, between the two, the primary deciding factor would be the design. Do you like the traditional Spruce or a more spirited Mahogany? 

Mahogany on the left, Spruce on the right

Besides, you can never go wrong with whichever you choose since they’re both excellent.


It’s hard to find playable acoustic guitars under $500, but Fender has produced a good one. They’ve found a great cross-section of quality and affordability.

While anyone who bought this guitar should be happy with the value, this guitar is really for beginners and intermediate players. It doesn’t shine with any particular playing style, but it still plays well overall.

The pickup system is nothing special, but you don’t need that unless you play at least semi-professionally. It’s easy-to-play neck and clear sound make it perfect for those who are easily frustrated by how a guitar feels.

With all that comes in this bundle and the consistent good sound, beginners can trust that this guitar can help them get started. As you grow in skill, this guitar will still match your level.

Highly Recommended

If you’re already an intermediate or expert level guitar player but you still want an affordable, high-quality acoustic guitar, you may want to consider the CD-140SCE. For more money, you get rosewood sides, tusk nuts and saddle, and an upgraded pickup/preamp system.

In short:

If you’re a beginner or intermediate looking for an affordable acoustic guitar, buy this!


Article Name
Fender CD-60SCE Acoustic Guitar Review


Классическая гитара Terris TC-390A BK

Фото: https://market.yandex.ru

Классическая гитара для начинающих TERRIS TC-390A BK прекрасно подходит как для обучения в музыкальной школе, так и для самостоятельной игры дома. Отличительной особенностью этого инструмента является гриф с анкерным стержнем, который поможет вам регулировать высоту струн для удобства игры. Верхняя дека и корпус изготовлены из липы, благодаря чему звук приобретает чистоту и яркость. Надежная колковая механика обеспечивает мягкий и точный ход колков, легкость при настройке, а главное — хорошо держит строй. Гитара черного цвета с глянцевым покрытием.

Классическая гитара Terris TC-390A BK


  • размер 4/4
  • правосторонняя
  • количество ладов: 19
  • открытые колки
  • материал корпуса: липа

Наш обзор лучших акустических гитар для начинающих подошел к своему завершению. Мы надеемся, что после его внимательного изучения вы сможете подобрать для себя самую подходящую модель.

What We Liked and What We Disliked About the Fender CD-60SCE

I took user reviews and combined them with my own expert opinion into a quick pros and cons list for you to refer to as you think about whether you want to purchase this acoustic guitar.


  • The bundle is great and affordable
  • The neck is comfortable to finger
  • Switches from strumming to fingerpicking easily
  • Bright sound
  • Low string action


  • Saddle and nut can come loose
  • Pickup system only OK

After reading a lot of customer reviews at online retailer’s sites, here are some of my findings:

  • This guitar is great for beginners. It has a great sound, feel, and it stays in tune. Often, lower-priced guitars don’t hold their pitch well, but that isn’t the case with the CD-60SCE.
  • The neck and the rolled-edges make this guitar comfortable to hold which is important, especially when starting out.
  • As a starter guitar, it doesn’t get much better than this. Most customers felt that it was well worth the price they paid.
  • This guitar was often purchased as a gift for teenage kids or adult friends who had not played before.

Fender CD-60s Acoustic Guitar Review

This Fender beauty is ideal for beginners on a budget. “With an affordable price comes great quality.” In fact, it can already compete with more expensive guitars like Fender Malibu or Fender Redondo. 

Anyway, the Fender CD-60s comes in two different tops, All-Mahogany and Spruce. The most obvious difference is the color, but that’s solely up to you. Personally, I admire the All-mahogany design for its unique quality compared to the standard Spruce top.

Naturally, the sound differs too, but I’ll talk more about that in the next section.


Both of these wood is solid top with quartersawn scalloped x-bracing. This means that your guitar will be more sturdy, therefore, long-lasting. More importantly, it’ll only get better as it ages, which is why Fender CD-60s is one of the best beginner guitars. 

Additionally, the glossy finish complements the overall aesthetics of natural Sitka Spruce and Mahogany. As a result, you get a budget-friendly guitar with an appealing design (unlike cheaper ones).

As if that’s not enough:

​​It comes in a bundle, too, the guitar itself, strap, tuner, bag, picks, strings, and instructional DVD to get you started. In short, it’s a great deal, particularly for beginners alike.

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