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О музыке на английском (B1-B2 диалог)

(1) What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘music’? — Какие образы приходят в голову, когда вы слышите слово «музыка»?

I usually think about songs I like. Also some images with a guitar spring to my mind.

(2) What does music mean to you? — Что для тебя значит музыка?

I can’t imagine my life without music. This is an important thing to me. I play guitar and like singing. I think that music helps people to let go. 

(3) What would life be like without music? — Какой была бы жизнь без музыки?

It would be gray and boring. People need music.

(4) Which is more important to you, music or TV? — Что для вас важнее, музыка или телевидение?

Today’s television is terrible. Music is more important to me of course.

(5) What kind of music do you like? — Какой жанр музыки вы предпочитаете?

I like different kinds of music. Rock, Pop, Electro. Everything is good. 

(6) How have your musical tastes changed since when you were a kid? — Как изменились ваши музыкальные вкусы с детства?

When I was a teenager, I was fond of Hip-Hop. I don’t know why, but this music is very popular among teenagers. Now I don’t like this kind of music that much.

(7) What music can change the way you feel? — Какая музыка может изменить ваше самочувствие?

Rock-n-roll usually makes me feel good. I like this music.

(8) What’s the best time and place to listen to music? — В какое время и где лучше всего слушать музыку?

I think that it’s always good to listen to music if you want to and it doesn’t disturb anybody. I spend a lot of time in the car. So I usually listen to music while driving. 

(9) Where does the best music come from, the USA, UK or other? — Откуда лучшая музыка: в США, Великобритании или других странах?

The most popular singers and bands come from the USA and UK of course. It’s a matter of language. People speak English almost everywhere. So the most popular music is in English of course. It doesn’t mean that music in English is the best. There is a lot of good music in other languages, but people just don’t know about it.

(10) What decade has produced the best music? — Какое десятилетие создавало лучшую музыку?

It’s definitely the 80s and 90s. 

Rinat —-> Anya

(1) How varied are your musical tastes? — Насколько разнообразны ваши музыкальные вкусы?

It’s varied a lot. Depending on my mood I listen to different kinds of music.

(2) What artists/band do you want to see at a music festival? — Каких артистов / группу вы хотите увидеть на музыкальном фестивале?

I like a russian singer louna. I would like to visit her concert. 

(3) What musical genres do you really hate? — Какие музыкальные жанры ты действительно ненавидишь?

I don’t like rap and Hip-Hop. I don’t understand this kind of music.

(4) Do you think most music (say 90%) is rubbish? — Считаешь ли ты, что большая часть музыки (скажем 90%) — это мусор?

It’s a good question. I’ve never thought about it. Most likely 60% of all music is rubbish indeed. 90% is too much.

(5) Is the Internet helping or hindering musicians? — Интернет помогает или мешает музыкантам?

The Internet helps of course. Young musicians can effectively promote their music online.

(6) Do you agree with Shakespeare that music is the food of love? — Согласны ли вы с Шекспиром в том, что музыка — пища любви?

It’s a very romantic definition. Yes, I agree with Shakespeare.

(7) What new music have you bought or listened to recently? — Какую новую музыку вы недавно купили или послушали?

I listen to a lot of latino music lately. It’s very positive. I like it.

(8) What do you think of the music your parents listen to? — Что вы думаете о музыке, которую слушают ваши родители?

I think that my parents were growing up in the best decades of music ever. They are really lucky. I love this music. 

(9) Why do humans like music so much? — Почему люди так любят музыку?

Music is like dancing. It helps people to feel better and relax. It’s very important to our soul I’d say.

(10) What do you think of the music they play in supermarkets and elevators? — Что вы думаете о музыке, которую играют в супермаркетах и ​​лифтах?

I think this is a good idea. This music is usually quite pleasant. 

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